First Baptist Church, Union, MS
Monday, December 18, 2017
Encounter God...Engage Others

Sunday School

Teachers:Peggy Quinn & Sue Addy
Preschool Sponges
four and five years old 
"Eager to soak up the word of God"
First and Second Graders
"Hear, See, and Live
Your Belief in God"
Third and Fourth Graders
"Discovering the word of God"
World Changers
 Fifth and Sixth Graders
"Changing the world for 
Youth I 
Junior High Group 
in the FLC
Youth II
Senior High Group 
in the FLC
LinC (Living in Christ)
College and Career
Adult I
Fresh Start
(Couples Bible Study
Hugh Rush)
(Ladies Bible Study
Mandy Feasel)
Adult II
Deborah Ladies'Class
Barnabas Men's Class
Adult III
Men I
Men II
Ladies' Class
Ladies' Class
Be ye kind one to another
   Ladies IV
Ladies' Class
Golden Rule
Ladies' Class
    Encounter God . . . Engage Others!